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Insect’s story

At Sauti academy we get free music classes from our dear teacher Natalie. It is so wonderful and educative every week as we pursue our dreams and gain musical knowledge through theory, voice lessons and a weekly jam session.

For me, Insect, the classes have changed me in a very big way; I have learnt how to work in a band, how to arrange my music with live instrumentalists, music theory and how to present myself while performing on stage. I’m also learning to play instruments e.g.guitar, congas, piano and have discovered my voice in a different way. When I met Natalie I was a rapper and I had never sang in my life; now I combine the two in my music.

I have been working with Sauti Academy for 2 years now and i see a very big change in how I see music; this is my
career now; being a musician (rapper/poet/singer) not only helps me to share the experiences I’m going through in life, but it helped me to build my self-esteem. All Sauti Academy students are talented, we have singers, rappers, guitarists, pianists, drummers and we share our talent to write songs together. For me, studying music and meeting all these talented people who share this passion is a dream come true. I could never have afforded music lessons in one of the private music schools because I don’t have an income. 

Now that I’m advancing in music I’ve become one of the outreach teachers in the MAD outreach programs. We teach music every week at St. Philips primary school in the Mathare slum (Nairobi). I teach Rap & Poetry and write songs with the children. I love working with the children; since I also grew up in the slum, in Kangemi. I hope that this opportunity to discover and develop their talents will help the children to advance in the rest of their lives.

Sauti academy is the place I call my musical home, i hope to work together with Natalie and the students to learn and share more as I advance to different levels in music.




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