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Thoughts, hopes and dreams – by Cynthia

I think of a brighter world

I think of a hopeful world

Where each child sheds no tear

And every man lives without fear

I dream of a peaceful earth

Every life filled with mirth

No cries, no lies

No sadness, no goodbyes

I think of the child in the slum

His mother’s life damned

I think of the forsaken infant

His life slowly slipping away

I think of the present world

Life’s ups getting steeper

I dream of a better world

Every man his brother’s keeper

Perhaps tomorrow will dawn a brighter day

With today’s woes thrown away

And yesterday’s troubles in beyond realms

Till then…I think…I hope…I dream.


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Naomi’s week – 28/6/2010

What I have learnt this week is that no dream is too big to achieve. I have learnt that destiny is not a matter of chance but choice. It is not a thing to be waited for but to be achieved. There is a percentage of us that hide behind excuses like “I do not know what my calling is” or “I don’t have a dream.” Those excuses have merely kept us in the bleachers of life, refusing to come out into the playing field. As my mama( and mentor) always says, excuses are the tools that the incompetent use to build bridges that lead to absolutely nowhere. Most people have allowed fear to paralyze their dreams and goals. Most importantly, I have learnt to avoid postponing matters so as to keep my dream alive.

WHAT IF: by Naomi

People tell me I should shut my heart down

Girl you are so in love

You might crush your whole world

But I tell them that I have a wild heart

Filled with love and strong faith

Smiling through the hard times

What if I am the one who’s gonna be loved without a doubt?

What if I let him go and find someone else who turns out worse?

What if I never find the happiness that I feel right now?

If I let him go, will I end up alone, coz I’ll never find a deeper connection than this?

Am a risker, going for my instincts

I’ll end up with nothing if I don’t risk nothing

But I can’t help to fill my head with wonder

What if it was meant to be

What if am just crazy

What it I am the one who is gonna be loved without a doubt?

What if I let him go and find someone else who ends up worse?

What if I never find the happiness I feel right now?

If I let him go, will I end up alone, coz I’ll never find a deeper connection than this?

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Cynthia’s week


A little girl
An innocent boy
A mother’s joy
His father’s pride

An angry teenager
A moody adolescent
A mother’s worry
His father’s woe

An annoying mother
A demanding father
Her biggest obstacle
His important challenger

An ailing mother
A dying father
Her worst nightmare
His greatest fear

Thus the circle continues

A little girl
An innocent boy
A mother’s joy
His father’s pride…..


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Insects’ week

Hope in Music.

Future ni brighter,
Niite fighter,
Mambo ni better,
Kila sector,
Nime tighten boots,
Nime change my looks,
Nime set pace kwa music race.

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What’s Occupied My Mind This Week – Ian Kamau

We all think that the main reason why people look at the mirror before they leave the house is for them to have a reflection of themselves, to know if they look good. But why look good? Most people don’t care about what others say right? Wrong! I feel that the main reason why we look into the mirror is to know how others look at us otherwise we’d be going to our work places or schools in our pajamas if we did not care what people think about us. Think about it, we don’t dress up when we are in the house alone, we don’t put on our fancy shoes and the nice shirts that we bought for special occasions, everyone has one of those I suppose. Or is it me alone? I’ve come to realize that it’s important to be able to look into the mirror and analyze myself musically before anyone can analyze me. I think it’s important for me to do that in order to grow and this time I’m not doing it for people, I’m doing it for myself. We need mirror’s in all aspects of our lives besides the physical but most of us focus on the physical and forget the important parts that we should be looking at. Do I think about what I say, how I sound like when I sing, how I say a simple “hi” to the first person I see in the morning, how I smile, how I can make someone’s day better? It’s a hard thing to do, I know, and lately I’ve been thinking about that and I’ve decided to look at more mirror’s in my life other than the one mirror in my bedroom.

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Students introduction

A short introduction of the Sauti Academy full time students. There are 10 of them so far. They all have a story to tell. First an introduction.

Ian Chege

A voice with no picture, a sound that pulls without you having to see, the sense of hearing with no need to see…Well, that’s music! It makes people react in different ways which I find interesting. Some laugh, some cry, some fall in love. An expression of emotions that are best put in a melody.

I’ve always sang since I was a child though I did not know I had a voice that could sooth the ear. I believe everyone has a good voice but being to be able to put words in a soothing melody is a blessing.

I’m a musician who sees the world in a different way and always thinks of an alternative. That’s the reason why I choose to do alternative genres of music, alternative soul (neo-soul), alternative rock, alternative blues; the list is endless.

Sauti Academy is a school that has taught me so far on how to execute music in the way that I imagine it. I have learnt a lot, especially when it comes to performance because I believe that that’s one of the most important things one needs to learn as a musician. The academy has become one of my pillars in music and what I learn is something that I treasure because I know that it’s really hard to get a place where your talent can be nurtured, understood and developed.

Remember the first sentence I wrote? Well it should be a voice with a picture, a sound that pulls so that you can see and the sense of hearing with a need to see…and I’m still learning!

…for more introductions, have a look at the Sauti Students page…

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