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Sauti Academy group lesson, 12/2/2011 (thanks to Sauti Sol!)

Saturday’s class was very inspiring. Ben and William would like to share their thoughts:

Saturday’s class was eye-opening and we learnt quite alot. The part of the class where we sang circle songs was fun as we tried to fuse many sounds trying to make beautiful melodies, and it taught us in some way how
one can come up with melodies and beats.

Then when Sauti Sol came to talk, it was uplifting. I mean, them being there telling us their experience in the music industry, a topic which we were just getting into. It enabled us try to find some direction as we pursue music, and we felt inspired.

The Producer, Wanyoike also made us understand what genre, or kind of music will be comfortable with us, and also understanding what happens in the studio. We’re hoping that we’ll soon work with him.

We’re expecting to put all that was said into practice in the upcoming first live performance at the Nairobi West prison on this Friday the18th of February.

Thank you very much Natalie for everything.

May God Bless U.


William & Ben

And, if you’re curious about Sauti Sol’s latest album you CANNOT miss the release party of the year:



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