Auditions 4/5 May 2012 @ Penya Africa

On the 4th (by appointment) and 5th (first come first served) of May 2012 we are organizing a new round of auditions for Sauti Academy! We are looking for unique vocalists who are interested in taking their talent to the next level. During the auditions you are expected to perform 1 or 2 songs with an instrumentalist or a-capella. We might test your musicality and will ask you questions about your motivation to join the program.

If you’re interested to book an audition slot, please send an email with your preferred time to





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5 responses to “Auditions 4/5 May 2012 @ Penya Africa

  1. @oudia

    Eagerly waiting 🙂

  2. job

    ls there any chance for rappers?

    • There is under very special circumstances. Shida ni that neither Natalie (me) or Andrew are rappers so we don’t have a lot of things to teach you about rapping itself. But if you know what you want to learn and we can indeed facilitate that & meet your expectations we can make an exception…

  3. knight

    hope to b among the marching squad

  4. Agatha Wanjiru Mwangi

    Hi Natalie,i met you once when i was marketing my music and i liked you so much,i appreciate your effort so much and for that i will come and try my luck with you.Thank you and Blessings

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