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Finesse Unleashed concert

We all come from somewhere, whether its a forested Westlands bungalow or a tiny city flat; the slums or a farm somewhere, the distant land of Rongai, or Ngong; we are a tapestry of histories and an encyclopaedia of stories. We carry with us the story of our past; in the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, our hobbies and habits, flaws and strengths, lovers and friends… Our stories are alive in the people we share them with; our families- in the likeness in habit and texture; our friends- whether in drinking or praying or both. Our stories will live on long after we leave in those who remember us. Finesse Unleashed is a discovery of the stories we are leaving; in our music, our pictures and poems, our art and style you will find a story, maybe even a few.

Sauti Academy students have come together for what can only be called a festival of music. Hand picked by the notorious Madam Natalie herself, the performers are a rare breed of talent presenting sounds from somewhere else.

The two day music festival kicks off on Friday the 27th of July from 7pm to 10pm. The evening performance marks the long awaited graduation of two Sauti Academy students. Isha and Mel will grace the stage as Sauti students for the last time with a portfolio of their own music they are unleashing their finesse.  And that’s not all; second term Sauti Academy students will be opening for this unique duo with a collection of their own compositions coming from a rich variety of places and sounds; a cameo of stories, a festival of perspectives.

Saturday, 28th July showcases the latest talent that joined the program only three months ago. For the first time these Sauti Academy students will showcase their talent through a distinctive display of talent and vivacity.

About the program

Sauti Academy largely through the efforts of Natalie Lukkenaer, prides itself in adding the finishing touches to already existing talent and, as the well acclaimed Sauti Academy Concerts in the past have shown, is doing a great job producing rare talent yielding great results in the entertainment industry. Sauti Academy is known for encouraging artists to be authentic in the music they make, with this freedom the students can be said to bloom with distinct styles, unique perspectives as well as a dedication to their art. Every single artist that is chosen is encouraged, motivated, educated and challenged, and given the tools so as to make these dreams their reality.

The Finesse Unleashed Festival offers a buffet selection of music that can literally be found nowhere else. It is taking place at the Michael Joseph centre (Safaricom House) on Friday and Saturday 27th and 28th July.

Tickets will be available from any of the performers (find them listed as hosts on and at Hedgehog music shop (Sarit Centre, 1st Floor Next to I & M Bank, tel: 0736 234 473 , 020 3743520) from the 18th of July 2012.

For more information about Finesse Unleashed and the academy visit or send an email to

For a sneak preview on what  you might expect have a look at


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