Penya Africa, founded in 2008 by Nynke Nauta and Robert Wawesh as a company limited by guarantee, is a non-profit music label based in Nairobi, Kenya. At Penya Africa, we aim to be a sustainable globally-recognized authority on East African music. We seek to play an active role in inspiring and enabling local musicians to become influential agents of change at the local and international level.

We seek to fulfill this mission by selecting and developing innovative musicians and supporting them by producing, distributing and promoting their music to local and global markets.

At Penya Africa, we believe that music is one of the most powerful instruments for changing societies from the grassroots level. This change can be recognized through creating role models to inspire young people in society, spreading positive messages of change and interacting practically with those who are needy in society and giving them the instruments to create change for themselves.

In the pursuit to realize this task, Penya consists of three departments:

1) Penya Africa Record Label supports Kenyan artists in their professional career. We believe that in order for an artist to have a successful sustainable career they should be supported in various areas:

  • A&R management guides and assists the artists in making artistic choices in the build-up to and during the actual recording of their albums.
  • Artist management helps artists to run their day-to-day business & assists in career planning.
  • Recording in the Penya studio with local and international consultant producers.
  • Releasing albums, singles and videos & CD launches.
  • Distributing albums online & in shops, directly as well as through our distribution partners/network.
  • Promoting album sales and performances.

For more information contact: esther@penya-africa.com

2) Sauti Academy artist development program supports young, talented vocalists in their journey to start & sustain a professional career in the music industry. The one year program includes weekly vocal lessons focused on developing a unique musical identity as a singer, songwriter & performer, music theory & piano lessons that support song writing skills and music business workshops.

Among successful alumni & former students of Sauti Academy are H_art the Band, Elani, KIU, Willy Paul and Bahati.

If you’d like to know more about Sauti Academy or audition, click Auditions for more information or send an email to sautiacademy@penya-africa.com

3) Outreach programs

The Penya Africa/Sauti Academy outreach programs are designed to promote social responsibility as well as teaching life skills through music.

We aim to promote social responsibility among Sauti Academy students by inviting them to teach those who would otherwise not have access to music lessons.

The outreach objectives are to:

  • Empower the participants through the provision of vital knowledge and vital skills that will develop their musical talent and enable them to fully exploit their inherent potential.
  • Develop the participants’ social and communication skills; enhance their self-esteem, confidence and capacity to work with others.
  • Create a deeper understanding between people from different ethnic and economic backgrounds by bringing them together in musical activities and promote cultural exchanges in society.

We believe in using participatory methods in the classes. Outreach participants are actively involved in a creative process of writing and performing music. The facilitators’ role is to guide the participants in that process rather than tell them what to do and encourage them to overcome their fears and weaknesses. In the process the participants build their esteem and discover their diverse giftings.

For more information: esther@penya-africa.com 


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  1. kabisa watu wangu lazima tupenye

    am zapiano

  2. Hi – hope I can interview you and some of your artists for Africa Creates Radio Show (http://africacreates.net/)

  3. drussila

    am 17 and done with school,do i have to wait anther year

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