Sauti Academy

Sauti Academy programs are designed for all vocalists; from professionals to intermediate singers as well as total beginners. With our specialist team of coaches, we aim to inspire and share knowledge with all who are interested in singing. The singers we work with are usually between 14 and 30 years old, but we are always open to conversation and don’t have strict age limits. We offer various programs during the terms (January – March, May – July, September – November) and holidays (April, August, December).

Sauti Academy – Artist Development for the most talented and ambitious singers

The Sauti Academy is a one-year artist development program; we have two departments; one for singers led by Natalie Lukkenaer with teachers Mordecai Kimeu (H_art the Band), Susan Wanjiru (Simply Susan, former Gogosimu) and Waksy and a Rap & Spoken Word department led by Nazizi Hirji.

The program includes singing lessons, performance coaching, song writing lessons, event organising experience and music business workshops. Ultimately, all vocalists who complete the program will have developed a unique musical identity and a confident stage performance. They will also have gained basic music industry knowledge that enables them to start and sustain a performing career in the industry. In order to qualify for Sauti Academy, you need to pass a competitive audition. More information about the auditions can be found here:

Sauti Academy charges Kes 21,000 per term.

Raw Talent

This is a 3 month preparation program for those who would like to join our artist development program, Sauti Academy. The Raw Talent program covers basic voice technique, develops the vocalists’ musicality and awareness of themselves as singers and introduces music interpretation and performance. It also intends to build the singers’ confidence level and helps them prepare for the next Sauti Academy auditions. At the end of the term, the Raw Talent singers perform as the opening act during the Sauti Academy end of term concert.
To join Raw Talent, you have to pass auditions. These are the same auditions as for Sauti Academy, so click here for more information and audition dates.

Raw Talent charges Kes 10,500 per term.

Sauti ya Kwanza

The Sauti ya Kwanza lessons cover basic voice technique, an introduction to music and singing together and aims to develop its students basic, musical skills. In the weekly 1,5 hour group sessions, students enjoy singing en performing in front of each other and they receive feedback. These lessons are open to anybody who would like to explore singing; you do not have to pass an audition to join the Sauti ya Kwanza program.

Sauti ya Kwanza charges Kes 6000 per term.


174 responses to “Sauti Academy

  1. I am in form 1 and i was enquiring if i could join sauti academy and attend classes during april ,august and december.

    • Hi Ron, Sauti Academy is for singers who have already cleared high school. We will however also have holiday workshops for teenagers, not sure when yet but we will announce it on the website as soon as we’ve confirmed dates!

  2. Joseph Adochi aka jay pilatto

    I have been following these programs, and today i just understood the Sauti Academy. i hope i will make it to the academy, as am confident to be part of the Penya Africa.

  3. immac nyamu

    soo nys
    i don know how i can take part.
    pliz direct me
    am in love with music
    pliz am begging u

  4. rkeiy

    am a student at the technical university of Kenya am interested in taking piano classes,must i come for the auditions?

  5. Bernard Gitimu

    I was once interested much in music vocal,singing and playing instrument and i gave up on the was thru bad company,although now am a changed,saved person.Now i don think i can make to the class of Music and go to search for my new family.I just want to say Keep it up and don let any student come out empty with nothing.Actually your work is good.May God truely lift you up and up day after day,one student after the other in glory of Christ.
    Bernard Gitimu,
    Po Box 8760-00200,

  6. Charity Joy Njanja

    Hi, I’m 18 years old, finished high school last year and I’m very passionate about music.I’d like to have the chance to come for the auditions.

  7. rustykenya

    hope to join soon

  8. Keith Karimi

    When are your next auditions taking place? I am interested in joining the academy.

  9. Joshua M. Myles

    Hi Natalie?
    That’s great work for talented kenyans who don’t have a clear path-way to improvise their talent in music towards a better society.
    As for me, I’m 33 years old, but would desperately love to join The Academy to work on my voice. Could the exception mentioned above provide me a chance?
    God bless you.

    • Hi Joshua,

      You should definitely come for auditions, then we can see what we can do for you! We do make exceptions, but very occasionally and if we don’t then we will explain to you why. Please just come through on 3rd or 4th and lets take it from there!

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂 Have a great day!

  10. Joan Awuor

    Hi, Natalie, i saw u on tv and i finally felt like i have some hope now. I surely shall be there, thanks

  11. Grace

    After the whole training, do people receive a certificate, diploma or degree?

  12. Anyetta

    Sounds great.What if u have no skills in any instruments but ur voice is great?

  13. Joshua M. Myles

    Thanks alot. Will see you at the auditions.
    God bless you all!!

  14. mikel

    hi to join the school is it a must for on to come for the auditions or i can just pay the school fee??

  15. ronald waisana

    hi natalia can someone audition while playing a guitar?

  16. Ursula Nyaboke

    really great

  17. Ricky Nanjero

    spread the word because this a very good program and in fact its the only one of its kind in east Africa and i will be part of it fully

  18. Hi Natalie,i love music so very much and i do believe that music does change our country and in a positive way.i would love to take part in the change and i blive i am talented.i am going to show up for the auditions but i have a question,i wanna sing with a piano accompanist,do i come with someone who can play piano and the piano or am i gonna be provided with both?is it mandatory to sing two songs?

    • Hi Tabitha,
      To answer your questions; you will not be provided with a piano player. I believe that you should always get your own instrumentalist and practice before you come for audition. Otherwise you risk it will be messy & competition is high in these auditions! You will sing one or two songs, depending on what we hear and if we need to hear more, but you should always be prepared for at least two songs (even three, four or five!).

  19. George

    Hey can international students come audition? I’m nigerian

  20. steph njoki

    hey natalie.totally great way of developing talent.might join uni on may so that sucks since i rily hav a passion 4 music…but,i cn record n jus let u play it?ryy?*awesome stuff ryt there kudoz*

    • What do you mean with ‘record and just let us play it?’ Many of our students are in Uni, if you are serious about music then you can definitely find a way to combine it. Although that requires a lot of hard work and dedication…

      • steph njoki

        i mean lyk record in tha studio n let u lisn 2 tha outcome during tha auditions….if i cn audition with a recorded demo that is?thank u

  21. lasent

    Hi…are you strict on age coz im 27, i can sing and i want to join the academy.

  22. nasra

    I would like to know the time frame of the classes. Is it possible for one to be doing a course in uni while attending sauti??

    • Hi Nasra, it’s possible to be in Uni and attend classes as well but you need to be flexible and work super hard. You will have a 30 minute class during the week (in working hours!) and 3 hours on Saturday. But towards the end of the term, there will also be a number of rehearsals on other days and in the evening that you will have to attend. Just remember that the music industry is very competitive, so the more time you put into your music the higher chances are of making it. All the best!

  23. Kibet Kiboi

    Hi I am 30 yrs old singer & songwriter and I’d love to come for the audition. I’d like to know can I perform my original compositions at the auditions and is it possible for one to get a record deal?

    • Hi Kibet, you can definitely sing your own composition during auditions. Record deals aren’t just given out like that, if you attend classes you’ll learn much more about how that works 🙂 But Penya is always on the lookout for new talent to work with and Sauti Academy is the main place for us to look for that talent. Karibu at the auditions.



  25. SHILA


    • hi Sheila,
      You can come for the auditions, don’t be discouraged by your age. We will see what we can do for you, most importantly you already finished school 🙂 See you on Friday/Saturday!!!

  26. lord richard iii

    So,er….the classes,are they full time like high school,coz am 23,and am on ma own in lyf,if u get it,am just a hustler,i luv music,but sometimes i cheat on her with this girl,dance,and i just need u guyz,i dont know,save ma relationship with music,or slap me hard to wake me up from ma big sweet musical dream.the classes?

  27. lord richard iii

    The classes,are they like full time?

  28. Wendy

    Hi Sauti Academy,
    Do you only host auditions anually?


  29. My name is Danson am 24 years old, I would like to participate in the next auditions, the problem is that i will be turning 25 on mid November.. I play piano and i would like vocal growth..

    • That’s not a problem at all Danson! We’re focusing on vocalists who can already sing though; we don’t teach people how to do that… so get yourself out there, practice a lot, do some gigs & play with a band! Cause competition during auditions is serious 🙂

  30. Allen

    am 21 in ksm vocaly talented bt lukin 4 a music schl,can u gyz hoast audition in ksm

  31. rama

    am plsd u r doin all ths i am an artist i write songs however as days went by i lost my voice do i stil hav a chance

  32. faj

    well my voice aint too good, but im really passionate about music. if i come for auditions i will definately suck cause my guts act up and i get narvous and stuff.
    but i would really like to ger lessons on my vocals. ive tried then out in studios but im not satisfied.
    i really want this but auditions will surely flop me and my dream will end at that….i really want this. who can i talk to, how can you help me?

    • Hi! I think you should join a regular music school first and get some experience by yourself. Cause at Sauti Academy we work with very talented singers who want to make music their profession, so we therefore expect quite a high level when people audition already!

  33. princella benson

    if someone qualifies to join the academy, is it possible for them to still have classes maybe in another campus where they are taking a course and at the same time can attend Sauti academy classes?? or its gonna inconvenience them in one way or another???

    • Hi Princella, it can work as long as you’re committed to showing up and putting in the work at Sauti Academy. There’s a high work load with us, but it’s definitely possible if you’re ready for it 🙂

  34. katu

    Hello, my name is katu and i saw a performance of the students of sauti academy on t.v and was interested in knowing when the next auditions would be.You mentioned that exceptions can be made and am hopping i can be one of them since am 27yrs of age.Hope to hear from you 🙂

  35. Lisa Musembi

    Hey Natalie, i was wondering whether the people who get the chance to go to the Raw Talent and those who get to go to the sauti academy, do the both pay the same amount?

  36. Abi

    they should let younger people audition 😦

    • Hi Abi, if you’re under 18 I would recommend you to either join a band yourself or a music school. Sauti Academy is a professional development program, like a college, so you can’t join that when you’re still in high school. All the best and sing sing sing. Your time will come!

  37. viola

    hi.. just saw your page in parents magazine and i got inspired. i love singing jz for fun and to cheer up my moods. i would really like to join your academy so that i can work on my voice. am in the university of kabianga in kericho, xo far from nairobi . i would like to start singing jz for the love of it and not as a career

  38. are thea auditionz on 30th n 31st aug ths month???
    I heard???

  39. Dennis Waweru

    hi sauti academy,i think i got what it takes to be the next star,i request to be given a part in your auditions to prove myself,i will be so glad if my request will be considered positively.thanks in advance.

  40. Dennis Waweru

    wud lyk 2 join da academy

  41. Hey, I am 22 years and im very intrested , the problem is that I am working, are there weekend or partime classes?? and what happens after one is done with the training??

  42. Tracey

    On which dates in September are the next auditions?

  43. Valentine

    When are your next auditions because i clearly keep no missing out on all me them

  44. Valentine

    When are your next auditions because i clearly keep no missing no all me them.

  45. maggie maggie and really love to join u..are the auditions on -going or am late..i hope am not too late

  46. Lisa

    hey! i missed the auditions but since the classes are starting in May will there be other auditions before then??
    or is the next intake going to be towards the end of next year?

  47. Vitamin v

    Hi I would like to record my music but I dont have enough funds to record quality stuff,I was hoping to get into the academy but unfortunately I am late coz I have been residing in MUMIAS for the past couple of years, for now i’ve come to nairobi and I would like you guys to give an ear please …an dying to record my music

  48. Lorenah Mbogo

    I am very passionate about music and I believe I have what it takes to be part of the Academy. I missed the chance to audition and I can’t affird the fees.. I hope I can be considered for a try out. Thank you. Please contact me 0703668690.

  49. Ruby Abuor

    Hi 🙂
    when are your next auditions?

  50. rose

    Heyy sauti academy…am rose and am 25 years old.I adore music and am very passionate in it.I wish I could be making my music at this age but no one to give me a hand and to guide me.Am not that much perfect but I know I can sing,and I know you guys can give a hand and make me a good singer.Kindly email me the day for your auditioning.

  51. maureen kwamboka

    Hey i am inlove with singing like literally am pretty sure everyone here does but am finishing high school on 15 november 2013 and am kinda dissapointed cz i have missed all the auditions cz i was in school but am very interested in joining the academy so is there any slight opportunity for any late auditions please..

  52. bryan rhymez

    Hi my name is bryan, am through with high school I do sing and i think ones’ given a chance to express myself musically i do believe i can reach out to different people musically….

  53. Oliver Fredrick Omenda

    Hi Sauti Academy we are trying to do something and we are trying to get you involved can you give me an apointment so that we can discus it futher

  54. Jeffrey

    If u missed the aug auditions……when will the nxt auditions be??????

  55. Zoë Kwoba

    So…Your website doesn’t have information on the next auditions in 2014?…or any time before that…

  56. mellah

    Do the auditions only happen in April every year?

  57. hailey

    I cleared high school last year and am to join campus next year. Am curious to know if I can join the academy considering my schedule.

    • Hi Hailey, classes take place on Saturday (9am-noon in first term, 12-3pm in second and third term) and half an hour during the week, during working hours. So it really depends which course you’re doing and if your schedule allows that! Sorry for my late reply! Next time please email me at

  58. Pingback: Rocken in Kenia | FL CMSFL CMS

  59. loise

    Hy,would like to join your academy in 2014,,when can I join?

  60. patrick kiruri

    hi sauti academy my name is patrick 19 years am not that into sining but instead i spend most of my time in the theatre…i wuld like to huk up with you guyz for i have a biusiness idea tht i thnk i shul share wit you…reach me thru 0714278362

  61. Norah chelagat

    Hey, i am a form 4 leaver, and I’d like to know how many practice sessions there are like per week. Thanks!

    • hi Norah, in Sauti Academy you will have a 30 minute individual class during weekdays, working hrs + a 3 hr group session on Saturday. But towards the end of the term there will be regular evening practices as well.

  62. Ndega Mutugi

    Good morning .I read about Sauti Academy in a magazine and I have never stopped thinking about it. I hope to acquire musical knowledge especially voice coaching. I love quality music. When are the next auditions this year and must I be 18?

  63. Caroline Wangari

    Heey guys
    Am really excited about the auditions and I pray that I wil wow the judges witeh my God given talent

  64. Symohn(saich)

    I Am Simon Ive Been Going Thru Alot In My Life My Mum Left 4 Saudi 2 Yrs Ago Atleast She Earned A Litle Nd I Just Did My Kcse Last Year Now Its My Duty 2 Take Care 4 My 3 Siblings So I Am Employed Az A Butcher To Help My Mum In Bringing Up My Siblings.I Beleive And Know Am Talented In Singing I No That God Is Going To Use My Talent To Bles My Familly Just Tel Me When Is The Audition This Year 2014 Thank U.

  65. Elizabeth wairimu

    You people are doing a great job nurturing talents.Am a lover of music which I consider my greatest passion.Keep doing this good job.Maybe one day I will come nd join the school.

  66. Consolata Atieno

    Hi am consolata and i want to perfect my voice so that i could join TPF and this was the best school i was recommended to apart fromm the coming auditions on 24th and 25th are there any other’s any time soon thank you

  67. Elsa

    Hi your dates states the auditions are on 24 and 25th on Saturday where as the days are Thursdays and Friday pliz clear it up. Coz I really want to participate

  68. Franc Lyrix

    Yeah, I will be coming for the auditions, is it right to do my own composition on my guitar???

  69. caroline Musyoki

    Hi ,kindly confirm the audition date,is it saturday 26th or Thursday and Friday 24th and 25th

  70. Stacey

    Hi, Sauti Academy … I would like to join and learn at Sauti Academy. When are your next auditions?

  71. Yvonne

    I just heard of Sauti Academy today and I fell in love with it. I would love to audition for it next year and I was hoping I would get a tour of some sort , sort of like a visit to the academy or even to the showcase itself . That would be wonderful, is it possible? If it is, could you please let me know as I do not know where you are located. Thank you so much.

  72. I missed the auditions is there any way I can get a late entry?

  73. Mercy Mong'ina

    I would like to know when are you holding your next auditions.?
    And for someone who is in campus like me,how would i be able to attend the classes if i would happen to be accepted.?

  74. hi,am jasie aged 21 i didnt join high school due to family issues am very much intrested in music..and much passionate in singing i would like to have a chance to come for th auditions….thanks

  75. priscilla

    i dint quite understand the part about the auditions . for me to take part in your programmes i have to pass the auditions first?

  76. Jean Mwangi

    I would like to join the Sauti ya Kwanza program. What is the duration? How often do students meet?

  77. Jean Mwangi

    I heard about Sauti Academy from a friend whose cousin is in the program. I would love to join. Please send me more info and details. Are there any requirements for the auditions? Can anyone audition? Are they any costs to bs met in order to audition? Kindly send me detailed information. Thank you.

    • hi Jean, you have already found the website and seen the requirements I guess? Auditions are free of charge. Please check this website and the post about September auditions 2015. Asante and good luck.

  78. Yvonne

    hi sauti academy, mine is a question on the fees, since that amount might be tricky to raise as most of us are students, just wondering if there’s am alternative way.thanks

  79. Yvonne

    hi sauti academy, mine is a question on the fees, since that amount might be tricky to raise as most of us are students, just wondering if there’s an alternative way.thanks

    • Hi, we have a limited number of scholarships available that you can apply for once you have passed the auditions. No guarantees though. All the best during the auditions.

  80. Felix Mark Shiyuka

    Hi? I am Felix Shiyuka I do write music but I don’t have complete trust in my voice. I would love to start Sauti ya kwanza voice training as I progress. I don’t know how to go about it so please direct me.
    Please contact me via my email:
    Thank you.

  81. djspine(dave)

    Hello..would like to come for auditions before sep n just showcase what I got..cleared campus last year but one n got the passion for music..only sing in karaoke nights ‘country music’ and would like to inspire the world with my voice pliz help

  82. djspine(dave)

    OK thanks..very eager to nature what I think n believe i got.thank you

  83. Cynthia K A

    I would like to join the training program as soon as possible when is the next auditions?

  84. mansour ibn tarique

    What if someone is still in college and wants to do sauti academy when he is free plus is it a must you know how to play a certain instrument?

  85. Richard

    Hello sauti Academy, would wish to join you someday due to the inner will to do music that pushes everytime, I don’t know how to work it out because currently im in college, what can i do?

  86. Elvis

    I am a form 1 student who would like to join the Sauti academy and get classes during april , august , december. I AM A RAPPER

  87. Safari

    Hi sauti academy……iam safari a dancer,singer and a song writer…..I love music so much….n sing…..I just want to join the school….I believe I’ll learn much…..where are you located at?

  88. Hey,I wish to perform on your auditions this saturday.I dont have an instrumentalist,is it possible to get one to play for me a song of my choice.That is one not listed in your list please.Thanks.

    • Sorry, not possible Irene! You need to choose a song from the list below:
      – Nikikutazama – H_art the Band

      -Sheria – Sarabi

      – Yahaya – Lady Jaydee

      – Hello – Adele (Dela’s Swahili version is also allowed!)

      – Loliwe – Zahara

      -Thinkin’ out loud – Ed Sheeran

      -Love runs out – One Republic

  89. josphat mwaura

    when are the next auditions for one to join the school coz I’d
    love to join as soon as possible

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